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"FORECAST OF EVENTS" report is prepared for the one year, and it's based on your birth date, birth time, and birthplace.

Please check the sample "FORECAST OF EVENTS" report here.

In case that you will order this report, you will need to send us your birth data in the following format:

Your name – Birth date – Birth time – Birthplace

Please send us this data via the Contact Us form before you start to place your order.

"FORECAST OF EVENTS" report contains a lot of very accurate and highly detailed information about possible

events you may encounter in a given 1-year time period. It means that you will know every day during this period what kinds of events you can expect.

For example, you will be able to determine what is the best day for making an excellent investment, when is the best time to find a new job or to make a significant job change, for starting a new business, for gaining a new contract, for success in legal issues, for success and fast recovery after surgery, for healing and recover from a sickness, for the solution of family and partnership issues, for the resolution of difficulties in marriage, for getting a significant advantage in your career, for improvement of your financial situation, etc.

On the other hand, this report can warn you about possible dangers during the given 1-year period, like a car accident or plane crash, the chance of getting severe injury or sickness, case of various hazards related to your loved ones and friends.

You will receive the link for downloading the "FORECAST OF EVENTS" report in PDF format from our server upon completing your order.


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