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"COMPATIBILITY OF PARTNERS" report contains a lot of precise and detailed information regarding a relationship and mutual compatibility of two persons (lovers, husbands, and wives, parents and children, employers and employees, etc.)

This report is based on the birthdates, birth times, and birthplaces of both partners.

Please check the sample "COMPATIBILITY OF PARTNERS" report here.

You will need to provide these data for both persons in the following format:

Person #1:

Name 1 – Birthdate 1 – Birth time 1 – Birthplace 1

Person #2:

Name 2 – Birthdate 2 – Birth time 2 – Birthplace 2

Please send us this data via the Contact Us form before you start to place your order.

You can use this report's information to determine a relationship where partners achieve the best compatibility and places where difficulties arise between both partners.

You can use this information to find ways to overcome these difficulties to further improve a relationship, so it can help you avoid the destruction of a relationship.

In this report, you will also find information in which areas of a relationship you will need to compromise your partner for getting the best quality of relationship with your partner.

You will receive the link for downloading the "COMPATIBILITY OF PARTNERS" report in PDF format from our server upon completing your order.


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